Whale Watching on Whidbey

Visit the whales on your next getaway

Whidbey Island is the gateway to tranquil waterside towns, serene wineries, unique art galleries, superb dining, quaint coffee shops, and whole lot more. But, did you know that Whidbey is also famous for spotting whales in their natural habitatEvery spring, some of the largest mammals in the world migrate to the waters oWhidbey to feast on the tasty shrimp and salmon to fuel up for the last leg of their annual migration north. Gray Whales, Orcas, and Minke Whales can also be spotted right here in the waters of the Puget Sound and can be seen from the shores of Whidbey Island in early spring.  

Book your getaway this spring - hop on a boat tour or keep your eyes peeled from the shoreline, and  experience the magnificence of these gentle giants. If you take the Mukilteo to Whidbey ferry on your way to the Island, be on the lookout as you may have the pleasure of seeing whales right from the ferry itself.  

Views from the land

Whidbey is home to an abundance of beaches, providing miles of shoreline for visitors to explore.  Whales can be seen from several towns and waterfronts across Whidbeyhowever Langley’s “Village by the Sea,” is a hot spot for whale sightings. With paved walking paths above the water’s edge and ample shoreline below, many hopeful watchers have enjoyed spotting these magnificent creatures from the landWhile you’re in the neighborhood, grab a bite to eat, sip on some coffee, and stop by the Langley Whale Center to learn about the whales of the Pacific NorthwestIf you do catch a glimpse of a whale and maybe even their pod, be sure to ring the Whale Bell at Langley’s Seawall Park it’s tradition 

Views from the sea  

If you want a closer visit with the whales as they frolic and feed in the waters of the Sound during your stay on Whidbeyyou should book a spot on one of the many boat tours around the areaWith experienced crews who navigate the waters frequently, the chances of spotting whales and other sea life are likely. 

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Whale watching around the Puget Sound is an experience you don’t want to miss. Whether you seek a glimpse from the land or sea, you’ll enjoy adventure and leave rejuvenated with plenty of amazing memories, frameable photosand plenty of stories from your visit to Whidbey. Check your calendars for May and June, before the whales head out and continue north 

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