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A day on North Whidbey

Golfing, hiking, dining, and relaxing: North Whidbey has it all

North Whidbey is an inviting area of the Island filled with outstanding cuisine, rich history, and activities the whole family will enjoy. Whether relishing in fresh local pastries, exploring Deception Pass, or watching a movie at the local drive-in, the north end offers everything you’ll need for the perfect getaway. Keep reading for a locals’ guide to the ideal North Whidbey day.

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A day on Central Whidbey

Spend a day adventuring, exploring, and enjoying local cuisine

Central Whidbey is a scenic destination that offers historic landmarks, culinary genius, and phenomenal outdoor activities. The central part of the Island is best known for its waterfront town of Coupeville, founded in 1852 and the second oldest community in Washington state. Filled with seaside charm, historic buildings, and breathtaking views of the mountains, Central Whidbey is a marvelous place to explore.

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A day on South Whidbey

Spend a day wandering, venturing, and unwinding

Whidbey Island is often referred to as being divided into three different areas: South, Central, and North Whidbey. South Whidbey is a top destination for travelers, yet regardless of your whereabouts on the Island, you’ll find yourself easily relaxing into the views, local business charm, delicious dining experiences, and the bounty of available activities.

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National Relaxation Day

Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate on a getaway to Whidbey

August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and there is no better place than Whidbey Island to escape, indulge, reset, and relax. Step away from the hustle of everyday life and pursue what brings you joy. Whether it’s a spa day, a peaceful walk along the shoreline, hiking on a trail surrounded by the evergreens, sipping wine at a winery, enjoying a nice game of golf, or reading your favorite book on the deck of one of our vacation rentals, Whidbey Island offers an abundance of opportunities for you to slow down and unwind.

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A definitive guide to hiking on Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island: A Hiker’s Oasis  

From wide-open beaches to rich farmland and rustic forests, Whidbey is home to some of the most historic, tranquil, and serene hikes around. Whether you are looking for a leisurely walk with your family or seeking a challenge, Whidbey’s terrain offers something for everyone.  Don’t feel like you have to leave your four-legged friend behind! We have multiple rentals that are pet friendly, and this is sure to be a vacation full of adventure that your pup won’t want to miss. Pack your bags and get ready to explore all Whidbey Island has to offer.  
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Property Management 101

Make the most out of your property investment with Tara Property Management South 

There are many reasons we love Washington State. From the snowcapped mountains, to the fresh ocean air, Washington is simply stunning. Whidbey Island is a hot spot for people seeking desirable PNW real estate, but also for renters longing for a vacation getaway. 

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Whale Watching on Whidbey

Visit the whales on your next getaway

Whidbey Island is the gateway to tranquil waterside towns, serene wineries, unique art galleries, superb dining, quaint coffee shops, and whole lot more. But, did you know that Whidbey is also famous for spotting whales in their natural habitatEvery spring, some of the largest mammals in the world migrate to the waters oWhidbey to feast on the tasty shrimp and salmon to fuel up for the last leg of their annual migration north. Gray Whales, Orcas, and Minke Whales can also be spotted right here in the waters of the Puget Sound and can be seen from the shores of Whidbey Island in early spring.  

Book your getaway this spring - hop on a boat tour or keep your eyes peeled from the shoreline, and  experience the magnificence of these gentle giants. If you take the Mukilteo to Whidbey ferry on your way to the Island, be on the lookout as you may have the pleasure of seeing whales right from the ferry itself.  

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